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How Your Thoughts Can Change Reality

In this article we will be going through the ways our mind can change the reality of the external events that play out before us, and how to gain control over the way we perceive those events to live a happier existence!

According to Quantum Physics, the idea of reality exists in an infinite amount of different states. But then our mind starts to interpret what we see happening around us, shutting out all other potential versions of our reality and choosing one single option to live inside. You might think that this concept is outlandish, that your reality has to do with the way people and events play out before you. But your mind is capable of a lot more than you think, and the way you choose to interpret your reality has a massive impact on yourself, your relationships, and your overall happiness. So if your goal in life is to live a happier existence, this is the blog for you!

Whether you like to admit it or not, you are in complete control of every decision you choose to make. We can go rob a bank tomorrow, or max out our credit to go on that dream vacation, we can stare at a blank wall every single day for hours, or start a random business! We can do whatever we want, but fear of authority, or going against societal norms, or obligations scare us into conforming (Maybe for good reason)! But there are thousands of different choices we can make every second of every day that NOTHING can stop us from doing once we’ve made the choice! With every choice we make the future reality starts to become more vivid, turning that abstract imaginary decision into reality and shifting the way future events play out. This is the reality, the actual power you have at every moment to carefully consider all conceivable futures and then intentionally draw yourself into the one that appears to be most in accordance with your intended outcome!

The point is: anything we are perceiving that is not in the present moment, does not actively exist. The past cannot be altered, and the future cannot be determined, only planned. There is only one moment that is a reality and that is the present moment and the decisions you can make to alter the future! Our past is just our consciousness detouring us from making a decision to relive the same mistakes.

But you see; our reality is far more complicated than this!

We mustn’t only make decisions regarding the external world, because most of the reason our species is as evolved as we are today, is because of our internal ability to imagine. Everything we see around us was once an imagination, an idea in someone’s head who decided to take that imaginary concept and make it into a reality! Without our ability to imagine more than what we perceive externally, we would never advance to something more.

So with this internal ability to imagine, it allows us to understand every possible outcome in every situation, to really comprehend and envision how our future reality could be affected, so we can then choose the reality that resonates with us in the most honest and benefitting way WE see fit! This is why we need to really get to know how we function internally, so we can avoid negative imaginary creations that can detour us from making decisions that do not resonate with what we truly want for ourselves.

Alone time with ourselves is what we need, with no external influences, nothing but the thoughts in our minds. We need to take those thoughts and dissect them, understand our fears, our comforts, and our desires, we need to get to know ourselves inside and out. Life is too short to live on autopilot... to have complete control over the outcome of your life, but live as if you have NONE! Letting the external world determine your reality, allowing you to be played by events and people like a musical instrument. It’s time you understand what you want, make a decision, and move towards the reality that resonates with you!

Once we start to understand ourselves, it will allow us to live a happier existence! Because we can choose how we interpret the external events that play out before us, we can choose the decisions that will most benefit us in the future, and understand the choices we CAN make and their alternate existence, and select the one that works best for us, imagining the future, and moving forward to make that a reality.

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