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The 6 True Health Dimensions!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Here, we've delve deeply into the true meaning of health, as well as the six dimensions of health that traditional health methods completely ignore! If you want to learn everything you need to know about becoming or staying healthy, this is the blog for you!

When it comes down to staying healthy, we have been conditioned to believe it is as simple as working out regularly, dieting, and looking a certain way physically. But after years of following this completely BASIC interpretation of health... We have finally found the TRUTH, and its reality is far more beneficial!

We have a tendency to see things at face value, meaning whatever we can see, taste, and touch is the only thing that’s real… looking past our internal reality; meaning what we think, feel, and comprehend. Not actually realizing that our internal reality is what determines the way we perceive reality, and the way we perceive reality can alter our physical health negatively or positively!

It has been proven in numerous studies that if you are stressed, worried and unhappy, it can actually suppress your immune system from functioning properly. Eventually, this leads to you catching viruses and getting sick easier. But the opposite has been proven as well, if you are doing well internally, it can enhance the power of your immune system! Making it easier for you to fight illnesses!

So let’s cut to the chase and discuss how we can adopt this holistic wellness approach into our lives!

There are 6 dimensions to our health…

Physical Dimension

This dimension we are most familiar with regarding our health because it’s really the only one discussed.

  • This would include taking care of our body, exercising, eating healthy, and getting good sleep.

Emotional Dimension

This would include being mindful of our emotions and taking them into account without suppressing them and overlooking them.

  • Doing therapy or talking to someone

  • Practicing mindfulness such as meditating

  • Journaling your emotions and feelings to get a deeper understanding.

These are all ways to help your emotional dimension.

Social Dimension

This dimension focuses on our social needs… ways to help this dimension is:

  • Cutting out people in your life that bring you down or drain you.

  • Maintain relationships with people that make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Helping people in need! This will benefit your self image and give you a new appreciation!

Spiritual Dimension

Whether you are religious, or an atheist, this can apply to you! Spirituality can apply to whatever you find meaning and purpose in, connecting ourselves to something beyond us, to whatever drives us; our passion! Connecting to our inner soul and the world around us.

  • Meditating is a great way to shut out all the chaos and focus on our thoughts, breath, and present moment.

  • Spending time in nature is a wonderful way to connect to the present!

  • If you are religious, take time to practice your faith

  • If you are not religious, take time to focus on a hobby!

Mental Dimension

This is also known as the intellectual dimension, advancing our knowledge of what we don’t know.

  • Maintain curiosity and explore what you are not fully educated about!

  • Read a book that interests you!

  • Expand your skills and share your gifts with others!

“So why is this information not common knowledge?” That is the golden question we’d love to know! So instead of simply waiting for it to surface… we’re taking matters into our own hands and sharing the information with you here! How did you feel about this? Did this blog give you a new perspective on "health"? Is there anything you feel we left out? Please free to share with us your thoughts and opinions! We are an informative and supportive community that encourages intellectual opinions and discussions!

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